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I managed 4 Guest Posts in January!

Check them out and don't forget to share 🙂 :
Manage money as a freelancer (MOST POPULAR).
How Spark by Capital One is the best bank for freelancers.
The best bank for your small business buck.
Learn something new on a budget

Current Projects:
On January 1st, I started a 100-day spending ban (1/1/17 to 4/11/17 about 15 weeks).
At the same time I will be doing two 52-week money challenges.
See how I messed up Week 3 and 4 (scroll down to the bottom of the post to see my weekly updates ).

Current Learning:
Just signed up for the $100MBA by Omar and Nicole. Love this because I'll probably learn more about business through these courses than I would have spending 2 more years to get my MBA and save about $19,000. I'd say that's a good deal!

About Books:
Currently reading Your Money Your Life by Vicki Robin
Didn't finish reading The Essential Guide to Freelance Writing by Zachary Petit.

2017 Goals:
2017 Book Reading Challenge: 18 books
January: Killing Floor by Lee Child

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